Audiobooks and Kami

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Article Name: 7 Benefits of Audiobooks

Author: Shaelynn Farnsworth



This article is about the effectiveness of using audiobooks in the classroom.  Many teachers are old-school and believe there is no better way to read than a paper and text book but is that the only way for students to learn?  This article states that listening to an audiobook does count as reading.  The seven benefits of audiobooks are this:

  1. Independence
  2. Access to information – audiobooks work better for those with reading disabilities to improve their comprehension despite the disability
  3. Broadens one’s world, locales, accents, dialects, cultures
  4. Linguistically Rich – Promotes Storytelling
  5. Increases: motivation, background info. Content knowledge, vocabulary
  6. Models Good Reading
  7. Improves: critical listening skills, Reading Accuracy, Fluency

This educator believes that audiobooks have a place in learning comprehension but reading a book is also very important to testing, etc.  Students have to be able to read and decipher words.


Kami image

Technology Tool


Kami is a tool this educator learned about this week at the Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators Conference.  It is an online tool ( that allows you to annotate and edit pdf documents.  The best tool within Kami is the ability to upload a large Pdf and break it into separate documents to create your own from pieces of pdf docs.  Students use this app in English classes to annotate documents and save in Google Docs.

This app is used to annotate pdf Guidebook documents and return to the teacher digitally.  Students can record audio, video, pen, screen, etc to annotate not just highlighters.  The only drawback to this app is having enough devices for students.    This app will help students and teachers cut down on paper helping the environment.  Go check it out!!


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